S.No. Product Description/Advantages Recommended for Dosage /Pack
1 POWER No.1
Cement Waterproffing Compound Conforming to i.s 2645-2003 chloride free
An aqueous liquid waterproofing dispersion for addition int cement remders and screed, which acts effectively blocks the passage of water and produces highly effective water resistant mortar/concrete. ARRESTS THE DAMPNESS, SEEPAGE AND LEAKAGES. Cement mortar/Concrete works.Water tanks, Reservoirs , bathrooms, Washing areas,Slabs, Wall plastering and flooring works 100ml per bag of 50kgs cement ..Packing 100ml,500ml,1ltr,5ltr and 210 ltrs.POWER from also available @dosage of 1kg per 50kgs cement. Packing 1kg and 25kgs.
2 POWER LW 200
Cement Integral Waterproofing and Plasticizing Liquid- conforming to I.S.2645-2003 Chlorid free
An excellent integral water proofing and Plastic admixture for concrete and Plasticizing admixture for Concrete abd plaster provides excellent workability even water cement ratio reduces. Produces high performance water resistant mortar/concrete.ARRESTS THE DAMPANESS, SEEPAGE AND LEAKAGES. All cement mortor/concrete Works like Water tanks,Reservoirs,Bathrooms, Washing areas ,Slabs , Wall plastering and flooring works 200ml per bag of 50kgs cement.packing 200ml,500ml,1ltr,5ltr,20ltrand 210 ltrs.
Hydrophobc based New Generation Waterproofing Liquid Complies with I.S.2645-2003
Produces more thsn 6000 millions Hydrophobic of 2o miconmean diameter, insoluble prticles provides a secured Water Repellency on the surface of the capillary channels/voids/pores which causes the dampness/seepage/leakages, ultimately trusted waterproofing to the cement concrete/ plastering. Concrete/Motor Works of terrance, bathrooms,toilets,swimming Pools, reservoirs, Watertanks, dams etc. 500ml per 50kgs cement. PACKING:1,5,20 and 210ltrs.
Morter Plasticizing and Waterproofing admixture. Chloride free..
An admixture to improve workability and better trowelling properties of cement mortor. Reduces rebounded loss while plastering..Reduces formation of kg ,5kg,20kg,and 225kgs.cracks and provides excellent waterproffing properties.ARRESTS THE DAMPNESS, SEEPAGE AND DAMPNESS. All cement mortor plastering Works. 100ml per bag of cement. Packing 100ml ,500ml,1ltr,5ltr,20ltr and 210ltrs.