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Super Plastisizers for Structures

Integral Waterproofing Admixtures for Swimming pool concrete

Superplastisizers for Reinforcement protection at costal areas/ corrosive atmosphere

Highly flexible, Solar reflective waterproof membrane coatings

Fiber reinforced elastomeric membrane coatings

Self level epoxy floor coatings.

Cellulose fiber reinforced coatings

Polyurethene waterproof coatings

Epoxy bonding agents & Grouts for structural repairs

Anti corrosive / Rust converters for reinforcement

Air entraining agents for concrete structures

Flexible acrylic abrasion resistant and crack resistant waterproof coatings to lay along with geo fabric / Fiber mesh

High Strength acrylic cementitious concrete / Mortar for structural repairs

Micronised cement waterproofing screed / concrete on terrace flooring with SBR bonding agents

Concrete plastisizer for Floorings / Roads

Tile grouts for tiles jointing

Tile adhesive for tiles fixing

High strength free flow non shrink grout for machinery foundations